Therapy is for anyone looking to make a change, develop insight, or achieve personal growth. Oftentimes people seek therapy for stressful life events such as the loss of a loved one, relationship difficulties, or life transitions.

CBT is an evidence-based treatment used to help change patterns of negative thinking, emotions, and behaviors. This treatment uses structured sessions that include homework to help clients meet goals created with their therapist.  CBT is goal oriented and can be a brief therapy. It is used to treat a wide range of issues: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorder, etc.

This is something that you will figure out during your first session with your therapist.

There are many components to successful therapy but one of the most important is how you feel in our working relationship. This relationship should be a safe place to express the wide range of emotions you experience. It’s a place to take risks and grow. Feeling comfortable to say out loud things that might be difficult, embarrassing, painful, or shameful can be very helpful. My job is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share these thoughts and feelings
free from judgment.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers do not prescribe medication. For a medication evaluation, you need to see a psychiatrist or your primary care physician. I can assist you with a referral to connect you with a psychiatrist that can evaluate your medical needs. Combining medication with therapy can be very helpful for patients looking for the most successful mental health treatment.